When we speak about ‘Commons’ today, what do we refer to? Many of us feel inspired by the spirit of collaboration implied by the concept. Most of us have had meaningful experiences sharing and managing common resources within our social circles. But at what point do these experiences begin to collect into a shared phenomenon with implications for our governance and economic practices? Is it even useful to look at this all through one concept? “Patterns of Commoning,” an anthology of fifty original essays edited by Silke Helfrich and David Bollier, answers these questions by weaving together examples from multiple disciplines and lived experiences. Each essay contributes uniquely to an understanding of commoning as a crucial process, which bridges economic and ecological practices into adaptable and balanced systems. In this conversation, Tammy Lea Meyer and Nicholas Perrin talk with Silke and David about the critical arguments presented and their implications for everything from the need to diversify our frames of economic reality to the potential of new digital tools.