Patterns of Commoning

When we speak about ‘Commons’ today, what do we refer to? Many of us feel inspired by the spirit of collaboration implied by the concept. Most of us have had …

Currency System Life Cycle

Currency as a “Current-See” — A shared, formal symbol system to shape, enable and measure flows. A full life cycle for a currency system takes into account the ongoing, iterative …

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Upward Spiral Video

Understand patterns of flows in nature. How life builds upward spirals of increasing possibilities, and how to stop erosive downward spirals.

New Economy, New Wealth

This is a self-guided tour that explains why the current economy is ending and how a more holistic idea of wealth can complete the historical puzzle of human economic systems.

Currency Map

This is a mapping tool that’s useful when thinking about currency design. It presents a taxonomic-like tree of decisions that currency system designers will encounter both when thinking about the currency …