Aren’t governments going to be upset with new currencies?

In by Eric Harris-Braun

Governments may or may not be upset by new currencies. There is one very typical scenario where governments embody the old paradigm and do everything to keep it in place. By doing so they stir up creative forces that open innovative paths towards new paradigms. Once upon a time slavery was legal and defended by States on the basis that large parts of the nation’s economy was based on that slavery. Today’s economy is built on money and there will certainly be many people to say that there is no possible future without keeping money in its current form.

But there are other scenarios too. In the face of great difficulties, governments do sometimes embrace change that visionaries bring forward that show a path forward. We believe that open currencies encompass more universal values and will provide a better and safer economy for citizens. De facto they carry the founding values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! In the end, which government will want to stop this evolutionary wave? Eventually open currencies will become the norm.